Sunday, August 06, 2006

Acura Classic Finals - Brain vs Brawn

Maria Sharapova today demonstrated her Monica Seles imitation once again. Oh not the grunting we've grown accustomed to but her never say die fighting spirit. Kim Clijsters showed me her Jennifer Capriati imitation of the 'One Dimensional Player' If my strong powerful ground game can't beat you, then I have nothing to else in my bag. I adore Kim as many others do but I can't tell you how many times Kim has had the win within her graps and couldn't hold on because her opponent wouldn't go away peacefully. God forbid you match her ground strokes shot for shot.
That spells trouble for Kim and her service delivery, even with an ace here and there, doesn't have a lot of punch for a girl with her power. She get's those aces with placement although it is obvious that since most of her opponents claim they've played Kim enought o know what's coming, you begin to wonder since 90% of her 1st serve aces are down the middle on the duce side and out wide on the add side.

I was happy for Maria in winning today because in my book, if a Player is going to get tons of money from endorsements, it should be because they generally bring home the Cup. I'm personally fed up with these women who make cash because someone deemed them as hot looking. What does that say to the women on the Tour that aren't as Hot ? So Maria Sharapova, please continue to raise your arms in Tournament Victory. Then it will all make sense to me.

As for Kim Clijsters, I wish you would take some time to sit back and watch your matches. You have it all except a stronger service game and what's up with the severe drop off on your second serve ? And Kim, what do you do with a Player with long beautiful legs like Maria ? You drop shot, pass and/or lob her to death. Take note of the weaknesses of your opponent and exploit it.